Corinna Goold

A military wife and mom of three, Corinna Goold knows how to be flexible while being effective. While she was a career Navy wife, she guided her children through their own academic careers. Corinna has been involved in education and advocating for students in one form or another for over 20 years. The family’s commitment to the US Military provided Corinna and her family with the opportunity to travel through many states and experience many school systems. She has homeschooled her children, as well as placed them in public and private schools, and an innovative hybrid homeschool. Corinna is a firm believer that learning happens everywhere, not just in a classroom. She is an avid fan of history and loves to integrate stories into all learning aspects. During their travels, she had the privilege of showing her three children many historic sites throughout America. She is well-versed in learning disabilities and special needs, and is always thrilled to help others achieve their potential. When Corinna isn’t working with a student, she enjoys attending services at her synagogue, reading all manner of books, and going sailing off the coast of California, a family favorite activity.