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Mainstay Academics is not a one-size-fits-all solution. If you are an overwhelmed parent in an age of online learning, we can help! We love meeting our students in-person and we are happy to accommodate online sessions when necessary. We strive to be flexible and meet each student right where they are with their education. If your student is struggling, we will match them with the right coach to help them achieve established goals. If your student needs a holistic approach to education and you find that what you are doing now isn’t working, we have a variety of resources and opportunities to choose from.
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Mainstay Academics partners with academic coaches defined by professionalism and skill from all over San Diego County.
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We are passionate about helping every individual student find the right space to truly learn.  We believe that sparking interest in a subject and nurturing that spark is what education is all about.  We have experience working with great kids who have struggled in the academic arena, even before online classes became more prevalent.  We help them discover a spark of success and fan that flame.  Our goal is to allow the student’s natural curiosity to fuel their desire to learn more, which leads to more questions, more research, more discovery, and ultimately, more learning.  Our hope is that their success in this process will give them the  courage to approach any future problem they will encounter with a belief in their ability to find solutions, ultimately becoming the confident, capable, and successful person we all know they can be.

“Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.” – Socrates

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“My son enjoys math again”

“I just wanted to share what a difference academic coaching has made for my son.  Last year he fell behind in math while in group online schooling.  We discussed with Jessica at Mainstay the struggles and concerns of our current education plan.  Jessica has maintained contact with my son’s current math teacher and my son has not only caught up, but enjoys his class.  He is exceeding expectations and looks forward to working with Jessica at Mainstay.  Thank you!”

Suzan S.

“Dedicated Coaches”

“Be assured that Mainstay has the best interest of your child at heart.

Coaches are dedicated, professional, and talented.

We as parents are extremely happy with the progress our sons are making.

Love of learning has returned to the household!”

Clive G.

“The support our kids needed”

“I am so impressed with the quality of coaching Mainstay has provided to my kids.  We had a less than ideal distance learning situation and having Mainstay support our kids’ education was just what we needed to ensure academic success.  I was confident that having some kind of in-person teaching would augment their remote schooling, but I was beyond thrilled with the level of expertise and insight we obtained from the program.  Our kids knew that they had additional support to navigate their math and science courses, and we were pleased to receive more insight and knowledge about our kids’ weekly progress.  I strongly recommend Mainstay – we will be using them regardless of whether our kids are back in the ‘real’ classroom !”

Susan G.

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Mainstay Academics is proud to offer dynamic coaching to our students in a vast array of subjects.  We’ve partnered with accredited programs across the country to help every student improve their academic performance. As we continue to grow and new challenges arise, we commit to provide the quality services you have come to expect.