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    Coaching is a very effective tool in assisting students achieve their academic goals.  Online classes have become much more prevalent and the transition from in-class education has proven difficult for many. Students who struggle with focus and attention issues are more likely to fall behind or fade out of class altogether.  At Mainstay Academics, we are dedicated to helping as many students as possible have a positive educational experience.  We are excited to provide a necessary service and inspired by the successes we see in our students. And, because of these successes, we are growing!  We are looking for motivated, committed educators, who are flexible both in availability and willingness to use a variety of educational styles, to join our passionate team of coaches in San Diego County.

    Skill Requirements
    • Knowledge and understanding of subject matter

    • Ability to effectively communicate subject matter in a variety of ways

    • Willingness to use accommodations for different learning styles and strategies for learning challenges

    • Ability to listen and answer questions on the student’s level during tutoring sessions

    • Set goals and/or expectations during the first few sessions with the student