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Who We Are

Mainstay Academics has assembled a team of academic coaches that are passionate about meeting students where they are in their education and are invested in helping them find their way to greater success. We love meeting students in-person when possible, but we are also happy to meet online when necessary.  Mainstay has also partnered with two online platforms that are specifically set up for distance-learning or asynchronous learning to offer families more options.

Whether your students are online, in-person, public, private, homeschool, charter school, or a different education choice, Mainstay is ready to help them toward success.

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Our History

In October of 2014, two couples went out for a lovely sail on San Diego Bay.  It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship, full of collaboration and cooperation.  Over several more years and several more sailboat trips, there were many discussions about children, education, and what could be done to help and improve things for all types of students’ needs.

In March of 2020, the world realized it was grappling with a pandemic, the likes of which has not been seen since the 1918 Spanish Flu. The Coronavirus, known as Covid-19, changed the world as we knew it.

With no time to prepare themselves or their students, schools were being closed in the name of public health and safety, and education was left in the lurch.  Teachers scrambled to move onto online platforms and stay in touch with their students.  School districts were working through unknowns, problems that they were unprepared for, and everyone was trying to figure out how to move an entire classroom-centric curriculum onto a virtual one.

Many parents became overwhelmed trying to help their child stay engaged and maneuver through the different platforms, and not suffer a loss of learning.  Countless parents breathed a sigh of relief when spring turned to summer and classes were no longer required.

When the fall semester arrived and most schools were still unable to open in-person learning, again parents were scrambling to figure out what was best for their children and families.

Jessica Lemoine, a math teacher for over 25 years, and Corinna Goold, a homeschooling mom and involved in education for 19 years, were receiving phone calls from friends, and friends-of-friends, for months. Due to their diverse experiences and expertise, the two were being sought out regularly and were fielding questions, requests for assistance, and guidance on how to handle this unprecedented time in education.

By August, the duo knew they needed to get some help in order to best serve all the people who had been reaching out.  Founding Mainstay Academics with Corinna’s husband, Billy, they pulled a team of academic coaches together who are fully invested in helping students that are not being successful in the various educational situations they find themselves in. Along with their partner organizations, Mainstay Academics has an academic solution for every student.

Mainstay Academics is here for you.

Become an Academic Coach

Coaching is a very effective tool in assisting students achieve their academic goals.  Online classes have become much more prevalent and the transition from in-class education has proven difficult for many. Students who struggle with focus and attention issues are more likely to fall behind or fade out of class altogether.  At Mainstay Academics, we are dedicated to helping as many students as possible have a positive educational experience.  We are excited to provide a necessary service and inspired by the successes we see in our students. And, because of these successes, we are growing!  We are looking for motivated, committed educators, who are flexible both in availability and willingness to use a variety of educational styles, to join our passionate team of coaches in San Diego County.

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We’d love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have! Send us a message through our contact us page form and we’ll respond as soon as we can.